Getting to the top spots of Google can often be a challenge, but if your website needs to drive more business then good SEO is always essential. As a freelance SEO consultant I’ve worked for years on growing websites to increase organic traffic, so whether you need an SEO audit or a full scale website migration I’m here to help.


SEO COnsultancy

Many marketing managers know SEO should be part of their marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin. Consultancy sessions allow us to work together to identify how SEO can fit into your marketing mix to achieve your KPI’s.


SEO Audits

A SEO audit lays out in details how your website is performing in Google and tangible recommendations on how it can be improved; it’s all explained in a way you can understand.


SEO Training

SEO fundamentals should be known by more just digital marketer. That’s why I run tailored SEO training sessions to ensure non-SEO teams build a good understanding of how they can help or hinder a websites performance.